Catalogue TRIVALITE (07/2018)

We set new standards in terms of comfort, safety recommendations and energy efficiency with our self-developed smart guided lights.

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7. 7 TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT 94% Saves up to 94 percent energy and thereby also costs Saves costs and increases safety as there is no central control unit Rely on leading and proven Swiss quality Networked using swarm intelligence up to 255 lighting groups Is simple, economical and maintenance-free Thanks to its integrated rechargeable battery, takes on the role of the legally prescribed emergency lighting Increases the feeling of security in dark rooms such as underground car parks or underpasses Can be adapted almost completely to meet individual needs Automatically adapts to the brightness conditions in the local environment Central control

2. B B We set new standards in terms of comfort, safety recommendations and energy efficiency with our self-developed smart guided lights. Totally in line with our philosophy of sustainable development within our company, and for a reliable partnership with our customers and employees. Thomas Lecher, CEO Swisslu x Inc. 2

16. Swisslux Inc. Industriestrasse 8 CH-8618 Oetwil am See Switzerland Tel: +41 43 844 80 80 Fax: +41 43 844 80 81 Technical hotline: Tel: +41 43 844 80 77

6. D = Communication wire D L N PE 5% 100% 5% 0% Full guided light concept – simply explained, installed and operated 6 IR-Control APP


11. 11 TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT OPTIONS FUNCTIONALITY OPTIONS SHAPE OPTIONS ASSEMBLY SERVICE Swisslux and your preferred electrician will provide you with expert support during the design, selection and installation of your intelligent lighting system. Some options cannot be freely combined with each other. Round Recessed Long Semi-recessed Light colour Custom-made product Surface-mounted With and without PIR With and without emergency lighting battery Suspended Ceiling or wall

12. 12 In the modern and still relatively new residential devel - opment in Zurich’s Albisrieden district, a little village character prevails in the middle of the city. Correspond - ingly, there are many young families and couples who live here who appreciate the advantages offered by both worlds. When the stairway was renovated in 2015, the existing 167 lights were supplemented by specially-manufac - tured LED inserts. These could be replaced in a few easy steps and thereby simplify maintenance. In addition, intelligence was introduced into the control system and external motion detectors were integrated into the system. Smart guided light in use – in your individual situation RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT – ELSE-ZÜBLIN-STRASSE 24-48, ZURICH Situated directly at the popular Käferberg recreation area, this development was renovated in 2015 in the pulsing Zurich-Oerlikon district and offers spacious apartments with modern fit-out standard. During the renovation, the lights in three stairways and the bicycle stands were replaced along with the 64 lights in the garage. They were networked together and provided with an intelligent control system. RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT – WEHNTALERSTRASSE 199, ZURICH

3. TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT 3 Why our fans choose Swisslux SOLID BACKGROUND ILLUMINATION IMPROVES MY SENSE OF SECURITY. Saving electricity does not just help the environment, it also helps my wallet. I WANT TO ARRANGE THE INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE USING A LOCAL ELECTRICIAN. The timer may be correct in winter, but the sun shines longer in the summer. A UNIVERSAL LIGHTING CONTROL SYSTEM SHOULD BE INTUITIVE TO USE. The lighting control system for the underground car park needs to pay attention to other things than the one in the stairwell. THE CORRIDORS IN OUR OLD PERSONS HOME MUST BE PERMANENTLY LIT. I am looking for a smart, high-quality product, preferably Made in Switzerland.

4. TRIVALITE ® – The simple complete solution for all cases NEEDS-ORIENTED LIGHTING Control programs for various lighting scenarios MODERN LIGHTING MANAGEMENT Functionality which needs nothing to be desired CONVENTIONAL WIRING OR WIRELESS Simple and speedy assembly by any electrician INTUITIVE SETTING UP Everything individually adjustable using rotary switches, wirelessly or via the app PRACTICAL ORIENTATION LIGHT Power-saving background lighting with just 5% energy consumption INTELLIGENT SWARM FUNCTIONALITY Lights which communicate with each other and adopt the desired swarm behaviour while not requiring a central control system. HIGH-VALUE SWISS QUALITY Products and functionality which meets the highest standards LARGE RANGE OF FUNCTIONS Two additional control inputs to connect push-buttons or time switches 4

9. 9 TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT which can be adapted individually if needed. For example, when entering a stairway, not only the respective floor is lit up, but also the adjoining floors. The same applies in underground car parks and other traffic zones where the light swarm can move with the person from the start to the finish. The adjacent lighting work at reduced brightness and thereby contribute to better spatial orien - tation and increase the feeling of safety. Always ready for action: Orientation and emergency lighting The intelligent and individually programmable orientation light does not switch off completely after the run-on time has passed, rather remains at a background brightness for a prescribed period of time. Depending on the control program, the ori - entation light can be operated independently from the main light depending on movement detected and the brightness can be permanently operated, for example. With these properties, it meets the increased safety requirements in old age person’s homes, hospitals and public buildings. All Swisslux lights are available in a version with a built-in emergency light. If the mains power fails, these lights switch to emergency operation and, thanks to their integrated rechargeable battery, can provide stan - dard-compliant lighting for up to three hours. A number of light versions are also intended to be connected to central emergency backup power supplies with DC supply. In the event of a power failure, these change automatically to DC power and switch to the pre-de - fined emergency control program which runs 10 at a percentage of the total output. Long-lasting Swiss Made quality Thanks to the Swiss engineering and production, requirements in terms of quality and functionality are fully taken care of. Swisslux’s immense know-how and the knowledge of their production partners combined with high-qual - ity components ensures long-last - ing and economical use of all the products.

15. STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE THE EASY WAY TO INTELLIGENT LIGHTING 1 GETTING TO KNOW THE ADVANTAGES Find out more in this bro - chure, on the internet or during an individual conversation with us. Learn about the advantages of a Trivalite solution designed for your personal situation. 2 TELL US WHAT YOU WANT Decide what your lighting needs are and talk these through with us or your electrician. 3 PLANNING EXECUTION Plan your intelligent lighting system together with your architect, site manager or electrician. 4 CONTRACTING AN ELECTRICIAN Be you a private individual, architect or builder: Tell your electrician what your needs are and place an order with him to install a Swisslux intelligent lighting system. 5 ENJOY THE LIGHTING Convince yourself of the advantages of the intelligent lighting system at a com - pleted construction project. We are sure you will enjoy it! TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT 15

10. 10 The Swisslux service provides the following services, among others: For property managers and owners • Personal advice • Analysis to determine the possible savings potential • Support when selecting the appropriate electrician For site managers and electrical designers • Definition of control concepts • Optimisation of the lighting control • Support and advice during design stage and implementation • Analysis to determine the possible savings potential • Training for designers and specialists For electricians • Design support and advice • Optimisation of quotation requests • Needs analysis on building sites • Support when commissioning and if there are any technical problems • Comprehensive guarantee and repair service • Analysis to determine savings potential • Training for project managers, site managers and service engineers TRIVALITE ® luminaires – many possibilities and plenty of service Smart guided luminaires from Swisslux are not just a product. They are individual solu - tions which can be tailored for every situation. They take functionality, shape and instal - lation type into account to meet the exact location-dependent and situation-dependent requirements. As a customer, electrical designer or electrician, you benefit from the com - petent, all-round worry-free service that Swisslux provides.

13. 13 TRIVALITE ® – SMART GUIDED LIGHT Switzerland’s largest commercial college is found at the Escher-Wyss-Platz in Zurich-West and is visited by over 4,000 students who complete an apprenticeship and over 7,000 students taking advanced training courses. The publicly-accessible buildings stairways were reno - vated in 2015 and the replacement and networking of all the lights was part of this renovation. The lighting system was configured so that the pre-running light always provides good orientation. KV ZURICH BUSINESS SCHOOL, ZURICH Located right by the Stettbach train station, on a gentle hill, is where the residential development took place. «Sunnige Hof» is exactly right for families who want to live centrally but also close to nature. During the stairway renovation in 2015, the three houses saw a total of 36 lights replaced which are easily visible from outside. They were networked together. This increases the comfort for the residents and provides noticeable energy savings. RESIDENTIAL DEVELOPMENT HOHMOOS, ZURICH OTHER RENOVATION PROJECTS • Residential development Morgenrainstrasse, Wetzikon (stairway and garage lighting) • Schulhaus Halden, St. Gallen • (corridor and bathroom lighting) • Müller AG Plastics, Muttenz (stairway lighting) • Werkhof, Fribourg (stairway lighting) • Residential development Geissberg, Zurich (stairway lighting) Multi-tenant house Zentralstrasse, Zurich (stairway lighting) • High-rise building Lämmlisbrunnenstrasse, St. Gallen (stairway lighting) • Hotel Platzhirsch, Zurich (stairway lighting) • Residential development Birkenstrasse, Lucerne (garage lighting) • Multi-tenant house Clarahofweg, Basel (STAIRWAY LIGHTING) OTHER NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS • Residential development Pfaffenlebern, Rümlang (stairway lighting) • R. Montavon SA, Courgenay (complete building) • Werkhof Areal Pitsch, St. Moritz (stairway lighting) • Residential development Chemin Franconis, Versoix (stairway and outside terrace lighting) • Commercial building Quadrolith, Baar (stairway with individual lights)

8. 8 Thanks to the integrated light con - troller, Swisslux’s intelligent light - ing systems are universally usable in new buildings and renovation projects, particularly in the traffic zones. They can be extended at any time if required. Customisable control programs Each pre-programmed or custom - ised control program optimises the lighting scenario according to the specific application: Light threshold value, run-on time, addi - tional control input functions – everything can be adjusted easily to the desired use. There are control programs avail - able to choose from for various application such as stairwells, underground car parks, corridors, foyers, lounges etc. The two control inputs can be used to connect push-buttons or timer switches allowing various interventions into the automated lighting management system. This allows the following functions to be activated, among others: TouchDim, On/Off, Permanent light and scene recall. All of these functions can be adjusted to match your individual needs. Intuitive setting using an app Particularly innovative is the ability to program the intelligent Swisslux lighting systems. The completely intuitive operation is at the fore - front. Selecting the application area as well as the parameters required for the individual adjust - ments, e.g. the brightness thresh - old value, can be easily set as needed using a remote control or an app on any smartphone or tab - let PC. Using additional command, the current control program, including the individual changes, can be transferred simply to all the lights in the system. Flexible connection via wiring or wireless The lights can be connected together via conventional wiring making the light managements available to everyone in a simple manner. The wired communication is particularly recommended for new buildings where the inclusion of an additional communication wire «D» is achievable without any problems. Because a physical connection guarantees the optimal data transfer. Thanks to the max - imum cable length of 1 kilometre per lighting system, it is even pos - sible to install the systems in very large plants. Particularly for usage areas where radio communication can only be used with special res - ervations such as in hospitals or airports, wired solutions are ideal. Radio communication has its strengths above all in renovations where the laying of an additional wired connection is technically difficult or not desired by the client. The radio module used by Swisslux AG is particularly easy to install, as it is self-configuring, communicates smoothly with the lights and can automatically network itself into the lighting system in groups of lights. For optimal data exchange, the latest wireless generation working at 868 MHz is used which gives massively reduced susceptibility to interfer - ence compared to the 2.4 GHz frequency band. In addition, there is no interference with WiFi, Blue - tooth or Zigbee in this frequency band which also further reduces the susceptibility to functional impairment. Intelligent swarm functionality The smart swarm function is an essential component of Trivalite luminaires. Here, the linearly and area-wide communicating lighting groups combine to form a complete lighting management unit. By grouping lights in up to 255 groups, their behaviour can be precisely defined. This ensures dynamic lighting aligned to move - ment which uses the exchange of presence detection sensor infor - mation for the optimum lighting management. Pre-installed control programs with pre-defined lighting scenarios allow individual swarm functions for every area of application Thought out down to the last detail – Created for great things Intelligent lighting systems which enable energy savings of over 90% with little ef - fort are in vogue. These reductions in consumption are possible because the lights in such systems communicate constantly with each other via the integrated control - ler and adjust their performance to the changing ambient conditions in terms of the available daylight and flow of people. In this way they fully exploit the advantages of the LED technology.


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