Preceeding light thanks to swarm intelligence.

Light only when, where and as long as you need it.

Smart light enables power savings up to 94% compared to traditional solutions. TRIVALITE offers therefore more than three times higher energy efficiency than conventional LED lighting.

All TRIVALITE luminaires are easy to install and immediately ready to use. All settings are simply done via app - and the entire light installation is under your control.

The best solution for renovation and new installations of all building types.

TRIVALITE provides maximum functionality, best user comfort and highest efficiency.


Up to 94% energy savings thanks to intelligent light management

New buildings or renovation

Connect up to 240 lights with wired or wireless communication

Swarm intelligence

High-efficient linear and area swarm function of the lights

Easy installation

Immediately ready to use and quick configuration through app

Environmentally friendly

Active contribution to reduce energy consumption


Automatic adapation to environmental light


Guided light and orientation light increase the feeling of safety and comfort

Emergency light

Powered by the integrated rechargeable battery (optional)

Distributed intelligence

No need for planning, no maintenance, and without central control unit

Added value

Sustainable investment with added value for everyone

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TRIVALITE saves energy and money in stairwells and corridors


TRIVALITE offers comfort and well-being in offices and workspaces


TRIVALITE increases safety in dark passageways and garages

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The solution for your projects

Perfect lights in modern and timeless design


Intelligent surface-mounted ceiling and wall light for traffic zones and stairwells.



Intelligent surface-mounted ceiling and wall light for traffic zones and stairwells.



Intelligent surface-mounted ceiling and wall light for traffic zones, garages and stairwells.



Intelligent ceiling light for offices and working spaces.



Intelligent wall and ceiling light for stairwells.



Intelligent damp-proof linear light for industrial application.



Intelligent ceiling light for surface, recessed or suspended application.



Intelligent suspended light for offices and working spaces.



Intelligent luminaire strip for industrial application.


Individual Lights

With individually designed lights, we also offer tailor-made solutions for your hightest demands.


Configuring the lights using the app allows the standard functions to be adapted to create an individually tailored lighting control setup for your project.

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Why Trivalite?

The comfort and efficiency of a lighting system has been increased by a tailored, needs-based lighting control system. But, how is it possible to optimally align the lighting and the management? TRIVALITE combines the advantages of LED technology with precise control thanks to powerful sensors.

Your benefit

The smart luminaires network together independently and their swarm intelligence ensures energy-efficient lighting exactly where it is needed and only for as long as required. This is the way in which TRIVALITE enables power savings up to 94% compared to traditional solutions and is much more efficient than conventional LED lighting.

Added value

TRIVALITE stands out thanks to the low planning effort needed and, with its wireless or wired communication, is ideal for renovation, retrofitting and new installations.


  1. Choose a light according your application. All lights are equipped with integrated intelligence, light measurement and presence sensor.

  2. Define the light groups according to the illumination plan. Thanks to the distributed intelligence no further planning is necessary.

  3. The connection of all lamps is done by using an additional wire or via radio frequency.

  4. After a quick installation all lights are ready to use. Specific configuration can be done using the smart device app. Each light is connected in a lighting group and the main management program is available on every light.


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